PRE-FACE – Monday, November 29, 2004

Good morning!

  • Everyone, is seems, is urging President Bush to push the 9-11 Commission Bill in Congress. 9-11 Commission chairman Tom Kean said on Meet the Press yesterday: "This bill will pass. The only question is whether it is now or after a second [terrorist] attack."

    On This Week Sunday, Joe Lieberman stated that if the 9-11 Commission Bill had been law, "probably 9-11 would not have happened."

  • The pro-hoppies/hemp-heads might want to keep an eye on a Supreme Court case which which has oral arguments today. At issue is whether a federal pot-ban trumps State laws which allow use of the drug for medical reasons.

    The reason I addressed this note to the pro-legalization crowd is that this could be seen as a crack in the door to making pot legal for everyone at any time. And there are arguments for and against that one, as well.

    There is no compelling state interest in disallowing people to alleviate their suffering in a way which will not directly harm someone else.

    Is this really a question of federalism?

  • The State Department says NO SMILING in your visa photograph: "The subject's expression should be neutral (non-smiling) with both eyes open, and mouth closed. A smile with a closed jaw is allowed but is not preferred." They argue that smiling distorts ones features, but it seems more likely that they want to foster a global image of Americans as fed up with many foreign governments.


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