PRE-FACE – Friday, November 5

[This was writ this AM, but blogger.com didn't want you to see it until just now.]

  • T wasn't the exit polling that was once again useless on Election Day, the systems creators say; rather, the data was "skewed" and JF Kerry's voters were a friendlier lot.

    They want to save their industry, but they needn't worry. They give the chatterers something about which to screech, so everything's safe.

  • The Los Angeles Times wonders why the Hollywooders weren't more effective in pushing their candidate onto mainstream voters They report that "the Kerry defeat was taken personally" by the stars. As well it should be. We pay them big bucks to keep us entertained. They should know by now to stick to what they do and not pretend to be something which they are not.

    Plus it's objectively difficult to blame them. They can Rock the Vote all they want, and it's not going to do a thing if the candidate they are pushing is a dud.

    That's a point I've pushed since the primaries: Kerry was a nothing candidate. A waste of space. A dud. The ultimate null. Who knows what the Democrats could have done with someone else?

  • Here's a report which says that turnout this year was the largest since 1968, and that it was the turnout which won it for the President. I do believe we've heard from the Silent Majority. Energized, maybe they'll keep speaking up. This nation could use it.


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