PRE-FACE – Friday, November 19, 2004

  • Pravda says that a second case of Mad Cow disease has been confirmed in the United States. The Houston Chronicle says it's possible. I could turn this into a very cheap political joke by saying that I knew Teresa was a little upset at her hubby's loss, but… But that would be in poor taste.

    Pravda's Pravda.

  • MoveOn.org says it wants to move on to new strategies, promising that the "new winning strategy will bubble up from one of the [grassroots] parties on Sunday." They've told these grassroots folks that "the best solutions will come not from 'experts' and political consultants but from all of us, thinking together." That's crap, of course, but the best way to a person's wallet is to tell them that what they think is important.

    With the money from Soros, et al., possibly drying up after President Bush's victory, they need to get their funding from somewhere. It sounds as if they're trying to tape into the Deaniacs, whom Joe Trippi managed to exploit in the same way.

  • Today is my birthday. All I want for my birthday is world piece. (I think I heard that once on a Miss America pageant. I thought it might sound funky coming from a Republican.)

    I've been here a long time.


    Happy Birthday! We enjoy your blog.

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