PRE-FACE – Friday, November 12, 2004

Good morning.

  • The crowds in Ramallah are huge, a mostly peaceful mob surrounding the helicopter with Arafat's body and sundry P.L.O. officials. There goes his coffin, seemingly in the mosh pit.

    That man was huge over there.

    How do we revise heroes?

  • At the Brits' urging, the President is said to be considering an envoy for the Middle East peace process. The Washington Post peace says that the President will choose between a "James Baker" model – take charge, forceful – and the "George Mitchell" model, Clintonian, passive, ineffective (my description).

  • Britain's Financial Times, the the BBC reports, has disclosed that "the militant Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade had been renamed the Arafat Martyrs Brigade."

    They've renamed a terrorist group in his name. Let's see what Hamas does to one-up the theatrics.

  • The New York Times reports that the bloggers have been given their comeuppance, been shown their place. After promulgating the false story called "Votergate 2004," bloggers have been duly refuted by mainstream "experts."

    I took it as good news that I, as a blogger, had been slapped down by the experts. This Votergate 2004 is evidently some story about election fraud. They fault Daily Kos, of course, and a site which does not appear to be a proper blog: FreePress.org. They also focus on another non-blog, Ustogether.org, as well as Common Dreams.

    They didn't mention my favorite lefty site, BuzzFlash.com. (Thursday, they argued that the exit polls favoring JF Kerry could not have been wrong.)

    I'm uncomfortable with this, because my conservative, responsible, respectable blogging friends are being stuffed into a category with lunatics. Yeah, me too.


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