• For JF Kerry, the quest to be President of the United States was a life's ambition. He probably believed it was his destiny, as did Al Gore. (Al senior meant it that way.)

    It has to be absolutely crushing to see your guiding dream die in an historical instant. We know what this bitterness did to Gore: it made him sour and ugly, unhinged. We have every indication so far to believe that JF is made of stronger stuff than that. He'll never be the elder statesman he probably dreamed of one day becoming, what with the big orange "L" on his T-shirt, but now perhaps he can go back to quietly concluding an undistinguished Senate career.

  • Here they go again. The Washington Post's Dana Milibank sez the country is actually united after the election: united by worry:
    Others feared job loss and economic disruption. A majority thought the economy is in bad shape, and nearly half said the employment situation had deteriorated in the past four years.
    No, the Op/Ed/analysis takes a broader view than just that, but the basic conclusion of that reporter is that the President won because he was best able to exploit the fear and anxiety present in American voters.

    He scared people.

    They might not be on our TV screens any more, and they may lack a candidate, but the Kerry commercials continue.

  • On the web, George Soros sez that he is "distressed at the outcome of the election." He promises that his web site will continue post-election.

    Michael Moore's site shows an image of the President comprised, I think I heard, of tiny photographs of war dead. It informs us: "We're not going away. Join our mailing list."

    I couldn't find anything new on the Babs Streisand site. Since her October 26 entry.

    Although I wasn't able to find a link on short order, I heard a radio story yesterday – NPR – which quoted Canadian immigration officials of saying, basically, that one cannot simply go to Canada and announce he wants to live there. There's an immigration process that takes a year.

    Canada is, after all, a sovereign nation. They do not exist merely to collect our refuse -- even if it is weatlthy and famous.


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