The PRC "endorses" JF Kerry

The Peoples Republic of China, according to the French wire AFP, has "endorsed" candidate JF Kerry in a manner similar to most other Kerry "endorsers": their vice-premier, Qian Qichen, has blasted President Bush.
"The current US predicament in Iraq serves as another example that when a country's superiority psychology inflates beyond its real capability, a lot of trouble can be caused," Qian said.

"But the troubles and disasters the United States has met do not stem from threats by others, but from its own cocksureness and arrogance."
A vote for Kerry, in the eyes of the PRC, is a vote to properly make those damned Yankees learn their place, which is one way of putting it.

In a similar sense as the French, they do not want a superpower which is not them and is unchecked by another, balancing superpower.



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