PoliAnnotation Quote of the Hour

This one is actually pre-election, but the sentiment is a good one. Omar from Iraq the Model translated and posted some comments of his fellow Iraqis and other Arabs on the question: "Bush or Kerry?"

This one is from an Iraqi named Saif Ali-Nassyria:
I don't wish Bush to win because I like him, but because I hate the Arab dictatorships that he terrorized when he toppled Saddam.
That was the plan. The other dictatorships and quasi-theocracies now know that they must yield to the will of those they rule.

Another Iraq, Fartis Adil-Basra, expressed it this way:
I wish Arab regimes would have half of what the Americans have of freedom of expression and participation in deciding their future.
We are looking, I think, at a far safer world around the big corner.



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