"Old Slave States"

As I've written, NPR's Mara Liasson referred to the southern States Tuesday, now that they have become a virtual lock for the GOP, as the "old slave States." She revised that next to the "old confederate States," and it is with that term which she stuck.

That, of course, conjures up images of hooded Republicans burning crosses in people's lawns, or worse.

Today, comes a story from CBSNews.com suggesting that Dems might have to start talking God to win any national elections in a country where most people have religious values, like racism and gay-bashing.
No section of the nation received Mr. Bush's values-laden message more enthusiastically than the Old Confederacy.
Perhaps they believe the Republican Party are confederate stereotypes of their own creation, and it might make them feel a tad more sane to excuse their ideologies recent defeat to such fictional beings, but as Dan Rather might say (see below): "It doesn't paste mud on the hen don't fly."



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