News Flash 2004: George Bush Wins Florida!

On the 9th, a fellow wrote on TruthOut.org:
George W. Bush's vote tallies, especially in the key state of Florida, are so statistically stunning that they border on the unbelievable.
The problem? The President received significantly more votes in some Florida counties than there were registered Republicans.

The Miami Herald reported Sunday on their vote-counting in three counties which most fit the conspiracy:
The newspaper's count of optical scan ballots in Suwannee, Lafayette and Union counties showed Bush whipping Sen. John Kerry in a swath of Florida where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1.

[ . . .]
The Herald count confirmed that Bush's message sold in a part of the state where many voters may be Democrats by registration only.
And this shows the potential for a different outcome had the Democrats nominated a credible candidate.



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