More on Snarlin' Arlen

RIghtMarch.com is running two anti-Arlen radio ads inviting people to visit their web site and write to all Republican Senators. It's hyperbole in a good cause, painting a picture of "ultra-liberal" Specter blocking every conservative nominee to the Supreme Court. He couldn't do that, and I don't think he would, but this is part of the game.

Grassroots PA is a treasure trove of anti-Arlen propaganda.

CNS News reports on a 1995 fundraising letter [found here] in which Specter went ballistic on "radical extremists" and the "far-right fringe" – abortion foes – whom he claimed had taken over the GOP. (That was Arlen's hyperbole in his own cause.) He promised that he would not "give up [the Republican] Party to extremists without a fight."



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