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NPR's Mara Liasson this afternoon (Wednesday) commented on the new solid GOP control of the South. (She didn't mention Dave Vitters's outright Senate win in Louisiana, but that backs her point.) Explaining that this does not include Florida, she called that portion of the country from which she's determined that the Republican Party draws the bulk of its support: "the old slave States." That's quite evocative terminology for use in 2004

She eventually settled on the term, "old confederacy."

Walter Cronkite made a similar statement on a taped program aired on NPR Tuesday night.

Election night on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough and Andrea Mitchell blamed the Jews for the President's victory in Florida. They weren't that blatant about it, but I was taken somewhat aback when they talked about the Jewish vote and the machinations thereof. I flipped the channel for fear they'd begin discussion European, Jewish bankers and their control of the Tril-Lateral Commission, or whatever. Granted, Scarborough is not from the Left, but perhaps he's been spending to much time with Chris Matthews.



I think you caught them referring to something in the previous hour. Scarborough was talking about Florida in 2000 and said one of the conspiracy theories he heard was blaming Canadian Jews. That was the big laugh, then it came up again. I don't think most of them were laughing out of agreement, though Buchanan got a good laugh too and who knows what he really thinks about it.

By Blogger Jon, at November 4, 2004 at 3:23 AM  

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