Mission Accomplished

This was one of the first blogs on the Blogroll for Bush in November of 2003, and that number swelled to an amazing 1,375 blogs. Matt Margolis started it, and the blog was soon a center for the pro-Bush forces in the blogosphere. Good job, Matt.

I'm proud to have been asked to be on that blogroll.

Margolis has declared victory for the President and announced his plans for the future:
On Inauguration Day 2005, Blogs For Bush will be re-launched as GOPBloggers.org. We're going to take everything we've learned the past year and take it to the next level. The power of blogs has yet to be fully realized, and we're going to write the book on it.
The new site is currently a mirror of the current.

And with a tip of the hat to Matt, here is a post on the Democrat Underground site with a poll asking: "What is more depressing… What happened on 9/11 or what happened the day after Election Day, 2004?" So far, the reelection of the President is considered more depressing by 71% of respondents, while September 11 is considered so by only 29%. More sadness from the President's victory speech than from the twin skyscrapers in New York City crashing to the ground, killing thousands.

If that's the mindset of Dem voters, 't is no wonder that they lost.



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