MAKPA Quote of the Hour

This one is from Stuart Rothenberg, quoted recently by Knight-Ridder about JF kerry's future political role. (At Kerry's concession speech last week, his aides made sure the local, Massachusetts press got the best seats.)

Here's Rothenberg:
"This is a party without a messenger,” said analyst Stuart Rothenberg, publisher of a political newsletter. β€œHe may adopt that role.”
Don't laugh. JF would be the ideal messenger for today's Democrat Party, in that the party has no message and neither did he.

When Kerry first seemed to have secured the Dem nomination last winter, I noted that he was a terrible candidate for the Democrats but he wasn't really anything of which to speak except some mediocre junior Senator who wanted to be President.

"The Ultimate Null," I called him.

And that's exactly what the Democratic Party is right now. They aren't anything, and all accounts have them working overtime right now to figure out what they want to be.

Kerry's the perfect spokesperson for that bunch.



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