Lieberman Defends Specter

Joe Liebemran on FOX News Sunday, speaking of Arlen Specter (from the rough draft of this morning's Rightsided Newsletter:

Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Connecticut) was strong in his support of embattled Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter. "How would that look?" he asked about the potential that Specter may be denied the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee for his liberal preferences on such matters as abortion, affirmative action, and tort reform. He called it "a litmus test on Arlen just because he doesn't toe the line."

He decried that there is "much too much intolerance, particular on the issue of abortion." [That is a morally empty assertion. He does not understand what he is asking the anti-abortion side to tolerate.] Lieberman feels that Specter is "entitled to that position" of Judiciary Committee chairman.



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