Lieberman and Sensenbrenner on TW

Former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos is host of ABC's This Week, and his first guest this week were Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin) and Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Connecticut), an opponent and a proponent of adopting the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission without further debate.

Sensenbrenner said that his problem is driver's licenses. He wants a uniform, national standard for them, and he does not want them issued to people who cannot prove that the live here.

Lieberman said that the 9-11 Commission Bill passed by the Senate and held up in the House already addresses uniform driver's licenses. He added that the bill's current main opponents, Sensenbrenner and Representative Duncan Hunter (R-California) had contributed more to the bill than had anyone else in either house of Congress. They do not, he argued, have the right to block reform.

Steph brought up someone quoted in a Washington Post as saying that the President's support for the bill was lukewarm at best, that he was supporting it for political reasons. Lieberman countered: "I believe that the President wants this bill." He again faulted Sensenbrenner and Hunter for blocking a bill "even though the President says he needs it."

Sensenbrenner responded that the President is for the bill, but he wants them to get it right. "What good is revising intelligence if we don't have homeland security?"

The driver's licenses.

Lieberman stated that someone had found that if the 9-11 Commission bill had been law, "probably 9-11 would not have happened." Yikes! Not even Tom Kean dared make such a statement.

Sensenbrenner insisted again that they had to "do it right."

You can read the rest of the Sunday shows in the Rightsided Newsletter on the RSN site: HERE.



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