Leave Ukraine Alone

From Reuters:
More than 100,000 Ukrainians poured into the streets of Kiev to protest against an election they believe was stolen by backers of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, the Moscow-backed candidate who defeated his liberal rival Viktor Yushchenko according to official figures.

Yanukovich led Yushchenko by 49.42 percent of the vote to 46.69 percent, with 99.14 percent of ballots tallied, although an exit poll released immediately after polls closed on Sunday put Yushchenko in the lead by 54 to 43 percent.
In August, the polling firm of Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates ran exit polls in Venezuela which showed Venezuelan supreme leader losing his referendum of support. The final poll results showed that Chavez had won, Jimmy Carter declared so, and the U.S. government said nothing.

Exit polls in the United States showed JF Kerry cruising to victory. The final results showed that President Bush easily won his re-election. I mentioned last night, some UC Berkeley soc. students insist Kerry won because of exit polling data.

Exit polls are fine on paper, stuff about which people can talk, but where they conflict with reality, they are irrelevant. I wish there were a way to reduce the lazy analysts reliance on this notoriously unreliable method.



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