John McCain on ABC's This Week

Later, I'll have a look at Arlen Specter and Chuckie Schumer on the same show. They were not exactly two peas in a pod. (Specter may have been wearing a mask for his own purposes.)

Either way, John McCain was Steph's first guest. Steph declared Fallujah a tactical victory but asked the Senator if it were a strategic victory. [It could be part of a strategic victory…. –ed.]

McCain identified three "elements" raising hell in the Fallujah: foreign jihadists, disgruntled Ba'athis, and desperate and deprived young people. [I'll call them Iraq's "MTV Generation." –ed.]

He echoed a statement made by Lindsey Graham on CBS's Face the Nation, that we should not have wasted time negotiating in Fallujah: "We made a lot of mistakes early on in this campaign."

McCain said that "we can have an election in most of the country." Not all? McCain said that this would be ideal, but if a majority of the people participated, it would be legitimate.

McCain agreed with Graham, against Jane Harman, that Porter Goss was right to shake up the CIA as he has. (Harman argued that Goss was scaring a way a lot of honorable career CIA men.) McCain called it a "dysfunction agency," even a "rogue agency." He pointed to the CIA leaks attempting to sabotage the Bush Administration's policies.

Of Specter, McCain noted that he "is not of the right wing of our party." He does think Specter has "done a good job," and he expects "that he'll be confirmed."

[For more on Graham and Harman on Face the Nation, and the rest of the Sunday morning shows, see the Rightsided Newsletter online HERE.


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