JF Kerry to Seek '08 Dem Nomination

He might, but I doubt it. His brother Cam Kerry -- whom we found under a rock last May – said that such a repeat run by his brother was "conceivable." JF himself is said to have told his former campaign staff at a party Saturday: "There's always another four years."

Here's more JF Kerry from Reuters:
"We have a very clear agenda, and I'm going to be fighting for that agenda with all of the energy that I have and all of the passion I brought to the campaign," Kerry said.

Kerry did not rule out another White House bid, but joked about a comment by his brother, Cameron, in The Boston Globe on Tuesday that such a run is "conceivable."

"It's inconceivable to me that anyone is even talking about that stuff right now," said Kerry, flanked by Senate Minority Whip Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, and House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat.
That's typical post-losing campaign talk, trying to make the who thing look as if it meant something.

Kerry had no clear agenda during the campaign. Perhaps he can reinvent himself outside the national spotlight, but he has no national movement built around him. In '76, after Ronald Reagan lost the Republican Presidential nomination to Gerald Ford, there was a movement in place which was going nowhere. The Reaganites.

Kerry was a nothing candidate, a nothing Senator, and now he can only try to reinvent himself again. He tried it countless times during the campaign with no success, and I'm convinced that it is just not in his nature.



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