"The Jews Killed Arafat"

So basically says Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Sha'ath to reporters in France:
"The doctors by and large favor the explanation, that his age - 75 years old - a difficult life, the last three and a half years incarcerated in a very small office and which had very little oxygen...besieged by the Israeli army have contributed to a varieties digestive tract ailments," Sha'ath said, laying the blame for Arafat's demise at least partially at the feet of Israel. . . .

"So he had serious inflammations of the stomach and the intestines and these have led to a long period without nutrition," Sha'ath said.

"This led to deterioration on the blood chemistry and the blood composition and the platelets, and this led obviously to a chain reaction back into...not being able to feed him intravenously because of the lack of platelets and the fear of hemorrhage. And therefore, you really had a chain reaction that built over time that led to the coma and to a deeper coma," he added.
Somehow it always goes back to that with these people. The mindset is truly pathetic. Israel gave Arafat the runs, and he slipped into a coma. Whatever.

[HT, Malarchuk]


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