It's Dumb Ukraine Policy

Dr. Eamonn Butler at the Adam Smith Institute blog from the U.K. points to a bit of British policy regarding the Ukraine which turned out to be unforgivably stupid.
[A] couple of years back the outgoing energy minister, Michael Meacher, decided to be true to his anti-nuclear principles and commit the government to phasing out all its nuclear power capacity over the next 20 years.
What would fill the gap? Well, don't go too deeply into the sums, but the government thought that gas from the East might do the job. … And already, new pipelines were already marching West from the new gas and oil fields there.

Slight snag here. Britain is of course at the end of the pipeline, so anyone in between could turn the tap off. Not to worry, though, because the gas goes through 'stable' countries. Like Ukraine. And now, about a third of Europe's gas comes through Ukraine.
Dr. Butler points out that 'tis folly to pin all your energy hopes to one donkey, and I can add that the no-nukes have traditionally been pinheads anyway.



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