Illinois is a Bush State

Many liberals insist, as does the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne, that if the Democrat nominee "had switched a point and a half in the popular vote and roughly 70,000 votes in Ohio," we'd have a Democrat President right now.

Karl Rove said Sunday, "What if, what if."

Here's an argument from John Patterson, state government editor at the Daily Herald out of suburban Chicago, that Illinois is a Red State, despite the Barak Obama juggernaut and Kerry's slim victory.
Simply consider that if not for Cook County, Bush would have won Illinois.

Kerry won by racking up insurmountable leads in populous Cook County, margins bolstered by increasingly strong Democratic showings in the suburbs. But downstate, Bush won handily. Paint Illinois’ counties red and blue and the map looks very much like the presidential breakdown, major population centers in blue, almost everything else in red.

Kerry won Cook County by 805,000 votes. But he won the state by only 513,000. Bush won 87 counties to Kerry’s 15
Okay. In Pennsylvania, the President won 54 of the Commonwealth's 67 counties yet lost the State's 21 Electoral Votes because of high, perhaps fictitious turnout in Philadelphia and its environs.

Neither Illinois nor PA was "Kerry Country."



Not sure I see the logic here, Mark, unless you are trying to bring back some form of the "one-acre, one-vote" philosophy. Ahh, the landed aristocracy...

Did you know that the nation's largest landowner, by a large margin, is Ted Turner? Would you like to give him a few million votes?

By Blogger Phil Anderson, at November 11, 2004 at 9:20 AM  

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