Happy Thanksgiving

  • Happy Thanksgiving. It is a family holiday, and there are those stationed overseas who would love to spend just a few hours at the table this Thanksgiving with their families, but they have given of themselves to protect the interested of the United States of America – our interests! – and that is what they are doing. I am thankful that they were called and were willing to do this. Our armed services are the sine qua non of our Thanksgiving holiday. My prayers are with all of them and their families at home. May God bless and protect you.

  • For the first time in more than a week, my wife spotted a rather large patch of blue sky this morning. By the time I had thought to get the camera to capture this event, it was gone. My wife told me: "It will be back." Indeed.

  • 'T was last year that the President flew in to the former Saddam Hussein International Airport. If he were to want to return, he could not do it in the same way. He would have to tell Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi, who now runs the country.


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