The Great CIA Purge

Michael Ledeen channels the spirit of the late CIA counterterrorism chief James Jesus Angelton for NRO about Porter Goss's housecleaning.

Jason Smith at Blogs for Bush offers us the following among a series of quotes:
Assuring that CIA briefings coincide with Administration policy and cannot lead policy makers to accuse the Agency of "disloyalty. Analysts must recognize that if they give a briefing which deviates too much from official policy, they may be accused by the Administration officials of being disloyal."
And this direct quote, from an "expert":
"[T]his reorganization [of the CIA] ... will institutionalize pandering to policy officials who become spiteful when confronted with bad news concerning their assumptions and decisions."
We've heard that plaint about the Bush Administration, right? That they want "yes" men who'll tell them what they want to heard, what fits their already made-up minds. It's why Colin Powell was dumped, right?

Well, those quotes referred to to Clinton Administration when they tried to reorganize the CIA back in '94.
Simply put, a number of senior CIA employees and analysts believe that to survive, CIA needs to give the Administration whatever political correctness it wants.
Give the big guy what he wants and he'll shut up. But that will not work with this President.



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