Franklin Graham: Focus on God

Franklin Graham writes in todayis Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) that he uges "other Christian leaders to keep our focus on our true calling, which is spiritual, not political," not to gloat because they pulled the levers and "their team" won.
First, it is spiritually wise. We are admonished in Scripture to boast of nothing but the cross. Second, while some 20 million evangelicals voted for President Bush, nearly 40 million people who are not evangelicals joined them in their support — perhaps even for different reasons. Third, if 79 percent of 26.5 million evangelical voters voted for Bush, that means 5.6 million of them voted for John Kerry.
For my part, I pray only that God's will be done in the election and that the loser be not spiritually crushed. No matter what happens, He'll help us sort it out.



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