The Franchise

We voted at 8:30a in a little firehall. There was a line, a few minute wait; behind us was a mother with her three children. "I have a half hour to vote before you have to be at school. … No, you have to be 18 to vote."

Inside the little hall were six punch-card stations; over the middle one to the left was an adapted American flag, vertical on the wall. In the star-field were some stars and the skyline of New York City in white, with two towers. Those Two Towers. (Not Tolkien.) "September 11, 2001." (Could anyone vote for JF under that reminder?)

There was a vote-minder of sorts there, with glasses and a book. His name was Hippo, and he didn't openly harass anyone, though I can only estimate his evil thoughts.

0149. "STOP (WRONG SIDE) TURN CARD OVER." Contrast that with: "Place Holes over Posts." No butterflies, and the President/Cheney was second on the ballot. I didn't even read Kerry's name; rather, I identified the President's and left it at that.

My wife bought a dumplin' from the polling place ladies, so money did change hands within a few steps of the ballot box.

We were home by 8:45, and my wife reminded me that I have to help her eat the dumplin' this time.

I feel cheated out of the crisis and angst about which I've been hearing so much of late.


I want to mention that my wife left FNC on the television downstairs, and we we walked into the house, they were showing scenes of the outside of a firehall in Crawford, Texas, where the President was voting. (This is why my wife wanted to vote at 8:30a, symbolically to coincide with the President's vote. He voted at 7:30a Texas time.)



funny picture on Out2's front page. Now that what will influence my vote.!.!

(if you have never been to Out2, you will nedd to naviage to your hometown to see this)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 2, 2004 at 11:27 AM  

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