Fallujah and the Ivory Coast

Although this AP story alleges that "U.S. forces stormed into western districts of Fallujah early Monday, seizing the main city hospital," they were U.S.-trained Iraqi forces. The ones JF Kerry and Joe Biden said did not exist.

The main assault will begin sooner than later, but later nonetheless.

Meanwhile, the French are getting their butts handed to them in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

France did what comes naturally and introduced a resolution in the UN Security Council condemning the Ivory Coast and imposing sanctions.

The Ivory Coast, however, is shoving it back in France's face:
The government [of the Ivory Coast] took a defiant tone toward France. Ivory Coast will ask the U.N. Security Council for action against France, presidential spokesman Desire Tagro told The Associated Press. “We are faced with aggression by one country against another country. We are going to inform the entire world ... that France has come to attack us.”
The Ivory Coast, of course, is a former French colony. France evidently deals harshly with its former colonies.

Geopolitics were never my strongest suit, but it looks to me as if the government of France is in over her head. She needs adult supervision.



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