Exit Polls, Moral Values, and Karl Rove

The same exit polls which showed Kerry kicking keister last Tuesday also showed one in five supporters of President Bush, what few there were in these exit polls, supporting the President on issues like homosexual marriage, partial birth abortions, and human embryonic stem cell experiments. This served the media by allowing them to brand their stereotypical Bush voter as a witch-burning zealots with the equivalent of an 8th grade education. It twisted Bush supporters in both concerns and human quality. The issues themselves had already been tortured into emotional outbursts.

As stated in this editorial from the Eugene Register-Guard, the exit polls were refuted by reality on the issue of who won the election, while the important issues portion has stood as a sort of common knowledge amongst the MSM.

It's garbage, of course, but it fits certain imagined patterns they wish to promulgate.

From the editiorial:
[Karl] Rove interprets the results differently. He put "moral values" in third place, behind the war in Iraq and economic issues such as jobs and taxes.

. . . If Rove is right, voters had more specific, concrete issues [than the hodgepodge "moral values"] in mind last Tuesday.

Recent experience has shown that when it comes to understanding voters, it's not a good idea to bet against Rove.
Of course Rove is right, and he rates the issues exactly as I have.

Remember, I've long said that for the Democrat nominee to win this years election, either the economy had to tank or the war in Iraq had to turn into a terrorists' rout. Probably both. Neither happened and we're moving into the future.



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