The election is not over!

A group of U. Cal. Berkeley sociology students has found that JF Kerry actually won Florida, thus the election. It seems that, according to analysis, the "Florida results in counties using electronic ballots differed from historical voting patterns."

These counties delivered 130,000 to 260,000 more votes for Bush than the group expected, based on a statistical model that factored in population trends, income levels and other predictors of voting behavior.
Accurate expectations? There is no such formula. As approximate or coincidental as such models can be, one must remember that we are dealing with human behavior. There are more potential wildcards than three teams of sociology students can factor.

Even on a ideological analysis, it's impossible to predict. Bush voters probably varied from the disgruntled liberal who wanted to be safe and wasn't turned on by JF to the libertarian who wanted rid of regulation, bureaucracy, and, taxation. Kerry's voters were varied as well, united only by a pathological abhorrence of the President.

Okay, the election is over. These would-be sociologists should join JF in fabricating excuses.



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