Drudge: "Bush considers Thomas"

Matt Drudge reports that a "top White House source familiar with Bush's thinking" tells him that the President is considering Mr. Justice Clarence Thomas for elevation to the Chief Justice spot should the current chief, William Rehnquist, be forced by health to retire.

Thomas is, the source told Drudge, just "one of several options currently under serious consideration," but Thomas is considered the President's favorite.

There is no real news here, except that perhaps Thomas has leapt over Mr. Justice Antonin Scalia in the President's esteem as tacitly revealed by Drudge's source. Then again, Scalia will be 69 next year while Thomas will turn only 57.

Thomas nomination will be an interesting provocation for incoming Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, and the only charges against him at his 1991 confirmation hearings were entirely specious ("Longdong Silver," hair on Coke cans, etc.).



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