Do you wanna make tea at the DNC?

Taegan Goddard (Political War) provides a Des Moines Register list of those mentioned as contenders to replace Terence McAuliffe and Mike Whouley as head of the Democratic National Committee:

Former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes, Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, John Edwards, Harold Ickes, New Democratic Network President Simon Rosenberg, former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen, former South Carolina Senate candidate Inez Tenenbaum, former California House Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa,, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, and Virginia Governor Mark Warner.

We can eliminate a few from rational contention, though that party is not per se a cognitive organization. Brazile, who ran Al Gore's campaign, is a reminder of past failure; Dean is insane; Ickes, one of Clinton's boyz, is also a reminder of the party's past and their 527s; Tenenbaum just lost an election to Jim DeMint.

Rosenberg would good for the third way/new Democrat/moderatez stuff they're trying to roll out. Vilsack would be a good match. Either Hillary or Edwards could be taken as a sign of the party picking favorites for '08.

I like Warner. Jim Gilmore chaired the RNC while he was governor of Virginia, and it would be turning the party over to a "rising star" from Bush country. It would make a statement, and they need at least a statement of some sort.



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