Dems take Reid by Default

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) was the #2 Dem in the Senate; Daschle was canned, and Harry takes the top spot. By default. What do they get? A 65-year-old guy whose floor speeches have seemed bitterly partisan enough, but he's neither as passionate nor as potentially convincing as was the Tomster. I think he would be a passable Majority Leader under a Democrat President – he could feed off everyone else and hold down the fort – but that's not how it stacks up this year. Leading an electorally humiliated political party, one which gave it everything and lost, is going to be a tough sell for the old buy.

Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) is their new Senate whip. He talks the talk better than does Harry – almost as if he were queuing for this job – but he's not going to win or break any hearts.

Now what of Terence McAuliffe? Reid wants Tom Vilsack to run the DNC, though it was Vilsack's wifeChristie who played a part in foisting a dud nominee, JF Kerry, on the Dem Party with her pre-caucuses endorsement. Of course, hindsight can allow her to flip-flop if she has no qualms about favoring Kerry before she was against him.



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