The Dems should cast their eyes to Blair

Here's the from The Buzz on the Kansas City Star web page:
Two political analysts for The Economist write that a solution for Democrats stood next to President Bush last week “flashing a toothy smile.” In 1992, British Prime Minister Tony Blair inherited a Labor Party “in far deeper trouble than” the Democrats, but today Labor “rules the roost.”

Blair's first lesson is that “you cannot be too close to the center.” Democrats could embrace school vouchers and Social Security reform or denounce “partial birth” abortion.

The last thing Blair can teach Democrats is “simple: You can never be too tough on terrorism.” Blair's Iraq war support “infuriated the Labor Party, but it also ensured that the Tories can never attack him in the same way that Bush ripped into” John Kerry.
The problem is, it cannot be done. If the Democrats back school vouchers, they lose the National Education Association (N.E.A.). If they denounce partial birth abortion, they lost NOW and NARAL and all those "reproductive rights" clowns. Don't they know who owns the party?

And people register Democrat for reasons. Public schools and abortion on demand are two such reasons.

And the Dems have tried with terrorism; they are not believable. It's like a group of drunk Dems on the floor of the Fleet Center being led by a Vietnam war protestor in chants of: "U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" It's a bad movie, and we want a refund.



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