Democrats in the Cabinet

Oh, I forgot someone when I earlier suggested that Ben Nelson of Nebraska was the last Democrat moderate in the Senate, and if became Ag secretary, there would be no more. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut is conservative about many social issues. And he backed the war.

If he is asked to serve in the President's cabinet, he says:
"I am a traditionalist," the Connecticut Democratic senator said. "If the president ever calls, you'd have to consider it. But I am very happy to be in the Senate."
We have a crack, and where there is a crack, there could soon be a collapse.

If Nelson joins the Cabinet, Nebraska's Republican Governor Mike Johann's picks his replacement in the Senate: 56-43-1. If then Lieberman joins, Connecticut's GOP Governor Jodi Rell picks the replacement: 57-42-1. That would be a Harry Reid nightmare, and the President would move with 3 votes of his super majority.

I'm sure Karl Rove is on top of this one.

[HT, Alexander K. McClure at PoliPundit]



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