Cosby at Rainbow-Push

This evening, I caught most of Bill Cosby's speech about children to the Reverend Jesse Jackson's Rainbow-Push Coalition on July 1st. It's breathtaking, and this it is something which should be shown to a wide audience. I flipped on C-SPAN2 in passing.

His message is that his people have done too much, gone through intense struggles, to get where they are. It is the responsibility of the parents to see that their children do what they should for the future not only of them but of everyone.

The Reverend Jackson was unmoved. He treated the remarks as a contextual explanation and retracting of May 17 remarks. Actually, they were a reaffirmation.

And in commenting in direct response after Cosby's remarks on July 1, the Reverend Jackson broke down in tears to emphasize "the media exploits Bill's words." He didn't mean what he said.



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