Corzine to seek NJ gov seat

Barring the chips falling where they may, the next governor of New Jersey will probably be Senator John Corzine (D-New Jersey). The NY Daily News says the bazillionaire is ready to run for his party's nomination. The general election is next year/

On the GOP side, he could face bazillionaire Doug Forrester, who lost his try at Bob Torricelli's seat when Toricelli was forced to drop out and was replaced by cadaver Frank Lautenberg. Forrester says he's set to throw in $8-million in personal funds.

Corzine is getting out of the Senate, of course, because the Democrats are hopelessly out of power and will remain so for at least the next four years. (It's a longshot that they could get back something in 2008, if their Presidential candidate is hot.)

(There were rumors circulating that Corzine was going to challenge McGreevey for the Dem nomination next year anyway, though.)



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