Colin Powell Resigns

Secretary of State Colin Powell resigned Friday, telling the President that he'd stick around until he was replaced.

Replacement? Two of the obvious names are Condoleezza Rice and Dick Armitage, though the former is more likely than the latter due to simple star-power. Whether the Arab governments will want to deal with a female as an equal is another matter, and that might be a consideration at this point in international relations, but her appointment would not make the Arabs any less cooperative than they already are.

Then again, word is that Rice wants to move in the direction of Defense. Another name floated for State is that of UN Ambassador John Danforth, a very mild man with little clout internationally. And he is not a star, which is helpful in surviving in an Administration at an important department like State.

Was Powell not told that he was welcome to stay? To the extent that a quarrel existed, as reported, between State and Defense, something had to break for the second term. The President wants to make history.

Word is that Energy Secretary Spence Abraham will resign later today. That department should be abolished at the cabinet level, but it will not be (of course).

Gawd, I hope we don't see any of those "Administration in Crisis!" stories. It's the end of the term, folks. These things happen. Not everyone is Madeline Albright, with nothing more worthwhile to do than to stick around for eight years.



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