Clinton Memorial Theme Park

The Bill Clinton Memorial and Theme Park opens on Thursday, and one of the fourteen entertainment sections deals with Clinton's impeachment. They look at it from the context of the Republicans attempting politically to "delegitimize" the President. Clinton buddy Bruce Lindsey remarked: "It's the way we believe history will record it."

It includes excerpts from that gawdawful Dale Bumpers speech at the close of Clinton's trial. I don't know if they included the one relevant thing Bumpers said that day:
You pick your own adjective to describe the president's conduct. Here are some that I would use: indefensible, outrageous, unforgivable, shameless. I promise you the president would not contest any of those or any others.
That he defended the "indefensible," begging the Senate to forgive the "unforgivable," shows that the charges were not proven only in the version of Scottish law found in Senator Arlen Specter's calcified head.



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