Blogging for Iraq

Taking my cue from Adrian Warnock, this blog as signed on with TTLB Eco Team, as a member of the Blogdom of God…

These relationships appear more complex than they actually are. Spirit of America is raising money to help not per se any side in the Iraq war other than the people of Iraq: everything from sewing machines to irrigation to gifts for children. The contacted NZ Bear at TTLB, who put the challenge out to members of his ecosystem. Adrian of the Blogdom of God rose to that challenge and asked me to see what I could do.

Here's what I did:
  • Joined the team then personally donated at least $25.

  • Posted about the effort in this space. (You are my witnesses.)

  • E-mailed the Bear to let him know I've done these things.

  • Having done this, he will list me an all who accept his challenge atop the ecosystem for a time. Above the "mighty Kos. " (And even Instapundit…)

    Anyone can donate, but we bloggers have been given an extra incentive by the Bear.

    The idea of a nation under attack from inside and out, working together to throw off the last vestiges of a despotic tyranny and emerge with a country of their own making is the kind of thing we read about in history books. For the Iraqis, as for the world, these are important times. That we as Americans, independent of our government, can help out is appealing.

    Click on the links in the first paragraph to find out more.

    NZ Bear tells me that I evidently did not sign up for the TTLB Ecoteam properly, so I had to do that again. I'll excuse myself the mistake, if for no other reason than that I occasionally do. (Not often. Excuse myself, that is.)




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    Russia - forever!


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