Bill Clinton: Superstar?

As I've said, and has been evident, Bill Clinton is not the vote-getting magnet, the superstar politician, that some folks wish to believe him to be.

In the Washington Times, "Inside Politics" reporter Greg Pierce mentions a piece on WeeklyStandard.com by Eric Pfeiffer which discusses just that.
Every candidate that Clinton endorsed, raised money for, or conducted a campaign appearance on behalf of, lost. Toss up Senate races in which Clinton appeared all went against the Democrats: Betty Castor in Florida, Chris John in Louisiana, James Hoeffel in Pennsylvania and outgoing Senate minority leader Tom Daschle in South Dakota. In swing states where Clinton put in appearances, such as Arizona and his home state of Arkansas, Kerry also lost.
There are Dem operatives and noisy Dem journalists urging that the Democrats "return to Clinton" in order to stay afloat. Granted, Clinton plays a mean saxophone while Rome burns, but the Dems need someone who knows how to squirt the dry chemical carbon dioxide or halon before the structure becomes a stack of cinders.



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