Barak Obama on Meet the Press

Illinois Senator-elect was a guest on NBC's Meet the Press. This is from the rough draft of this afternoon's Rightsided Newsletter:

Barack Obama on MTP. He is what the Democratic Party has going right as 2005 approaches. Almost the only thing. He complained to Russert on Meet the Press that the Democrats "have to be able to tell voters" that they are a party also of morals and values. Democrats, he said, should have done a better job separating the war on terror with the war in Iraq. Democrats, he said, have to be proactive, "not always against something."

<>He offered a possible "moral issue" on which Democrats can run: "the immorality of 40-million uninsured." But that's the exact type of hyperbolic nonsense which continues to get the party into trouble in the first place. It's a meaningless statement which requires tremendous pretense even to be repeated as a slogan.



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