While the President was delivering his victory oration and the chatterers were silent, except on NPR, the President had a brief reelection honeymoon.

It is over; to wit (Reuters):
[H]is top domestic priorities, whether tax code changes or reviving legislation to promote energy production, could spark as much partisan rancor as the sweeping tax cuts he pushed through in his first term, congressional aides said.
The term "Congressional aides" means very little without the color of their club cards.

  • Drudge tells us:
    Attorney General John Ashcroft 'plans to submit his resignation to Bush in the next several days'...
    No surprises there. We might be entering the "kinder, gentler" phase.

  • This is from newTIME magazine piece, from RealClear Politics:
    "It was on Air Force One on election day that strategist Karl Rove started calling around to get the results of early exit polls. But the line kept breaking down. The only information that came through as the plane descended was a BlackBerry message from an aide that simply read: "Not good." Not long afterward, Rove got a more detailed picture and told the President and senior aides the bad news. Florida Governor Jeb Bush had been saying the state was looking good, and the Bush team had expected to be ahead in Ohio. But Kerry was leading everywhere. "I wanted to throw up," said an aide onboard. Bush was more philosophical: "Well, it is what it is," he told adviser Karen Hughes."
    Karl Rove fell for those exit polls, as well.

    I'm with Bill Kristolon this one: the only thing for which such exit polls have been good is a look at voter preferences, vis-à-vis issues and such. These people ought to know better than to be mainlining the tripe.

  • I'm listening to a baroque organist named Girolamo Frescobaldi, who died four decades before the greatest baroque organist, J.S. Bach, was born. And I'm very much at peace, right now. I remember what it was like to have a President without an asterisk. For Clinton twice and for this Bush once, it was: *won with less than a majority. Clinton's second term was all about impeachment, and this President's first was tainted by the cries of "Florida" and "stolen election."

    President Bush has now been clearly authorized to govern. The asterisk is gone. If he wants to govern for everyone, fine, but he'd better not forget those like me. Govern us least.

    I have no desire to gloat. It's not my style, and Michael Moore is as irrelevant to me in defeat as he was when he was touring the nation touting his Fahrenheit flick. Daschle's gone, probably to work for in his wife's line once the year's moratorium is up. Kerry's done. Edwards has proven that I overestimated him.

    If I had to gloat, it would probably be in the face of Ed Rendell, but he deserves it.

    Have a good night, all y'all. When you wake, consider that it just might be morning in America.


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