AFTER-WORD – Wednesday, November 10, 2004

  • Matt Drudge tells us that the St. Paul Pioneer Press has a story about three Kerry supporters assaulting a Bush supporter after he told them that only homosexuals would support a candidate who supported gay marriage. They are 17, and I think this was only peripherally about politics.

  • Snarlin' Arlen wants to meet with Judiciary Committee Republicans to try to convince them that he really is a nice, objective guy who doesn't mind abortion foes. Anti-abort Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) said he's spoken to Specter on the telephone, and the Pennsylvania Senator has him convinced: "I would not have an objection to him serving as chairman." His agreement, he said, was contingent upon Specter honestly reflecting his views. He's not.

  • Here's an Australian paper's web site which informs us that Yasser Arafat is due to be pronounced dead:
    THE death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat will be officially announced today at his Muqataa headquarters in Ramallah, Palestinian officials report.
    I figure they'll get around to it one day or the other.

  • I'm listening to the Symphony in C by Georges Bizet, a 19th Century French composer best known for his opera Carmen. (You'd know it if you heard it.) Despite his plural first name, there was only one of him.

    It is pulsating stuff, and I cannot emphasize enough how we have to seperate the French people from their government. Especially the historical French people, long since dead, like M. Bizet.


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