• The veep spent three-hours being tested in George Washington University hospital this (Saturday) afternoon after complaining of heavy coughing and shortness of breath. His cardiologist told him that he had a bad cold.

    JF Kerry is reported to have begun to make a caustic, over-the-top comment before bursting into tears upon the realization that it was too late.

  • Representative Brad Carson, the Democrat who lost his Oklahoma Senate race to former Congressman Tom Coburn writes on the TNR site that he lost because of the Democrat Party whose standard in the State he bore:
    [W]hile the defeat was all my own, the failure was of the party to which I swear allegiance, which uncritically embraces a modernity that so many others reject.
    The "modernity" of which he writes is "the notion that material concerns are more real than spiritual or cultural ones." And the Democrats don't even do that right, else they would be capitalists of the Godless variety.

  • I'm listening, now, to Jean Philip Rameau's Abaris
    ou les Boreades
    (Suites and Dances). Yes, he's a Frenchman, but he was pre-revolution, baroque, a contemporary of J.S. Bach.

    This afternoon at Sam's Club, I purchased The Essential Charlie Chaplin, 45 of his earliest short subjects. Tonight, we'll watch Making a Living, Chaplin's film debut. I haven't seen it since school, but I recall that Chaplin wasn't the tramp that we know today. In fact, he was a bit of a [curseword]. But I'm a silent film buff who appreciates Chaplin even when he's "out of character."

    My wife picked out an Atomic clock for the bedroom. The time is exact, and it sets itself from a signal out of Fort Collins, Colorado. I dig it.


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