AFTER-WORD – Tuesday, November 9, 2004

  • I watched a tape of Monday's Prime Minister's Question Time from the British Parliament, aired on C-SPAN this (Tuesday) afternoon, and one of the MP's brought up that France does not want the United States to be the lone superpower, thinks we need a check and a balance. Prime Minister Tony Blair rejected that idea out of hand but suggested a European Union "superpower" which worked with the U.S.: "I think it is far better that we cooperate together."

    It's the antithesis of fifteen years of French thought, but Blair argued that it was important for Britain to be a strong member in good standing of the E.U. so that this side of the argument is represented.

    I wonder if he fully recognized that he rejected essentially the entire French diplomatic personality. France's self-imagined soul purpose in its foreign policy life is to see to it that the United States doesn't scoot up another peg.

  • Do you have a few minutes? If so, read Part XIV of Arthur Chrenkoff's "Good News from Iraq." At 12,000 words, it's no small essay, but it's an affirming read. As to its accuracy, it has the endorsement of the guys at Iraq the Model.

  • I'm listening to Maurice Ravel's Daphnis et Chloe. The man was a genius, and it is part of why I have such hope for the French people. Sure, their experiment with democracy has fallen apart in a lot of ways, but remember that it got of to an ignoble start. Their streets ran with blood, just as that American Qaeda-wannabe warned us of ourselves in that pre-election vid.

    I wish them luck getting their economic house in order, but with that monstrosity of a government, they'll probably have little success.

    For lack of anything better to do, though, I will protest their military adventures in the Ivory Coast without a Security Council mandate.


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