• Tomorrow, the Sunday shows start early and end in the afternoon. It looks like there will be some talk of the 9-11 recommendations being etched into stone, and some more about values. I'll pay attention and scribble it for you.

  • I've pretty much completed the two short stories I am submitting to a literary contest next week. The first one, Death is a Star, was written in a sense a decade ago; I'd found it in a box in the garage last month. I had to proof the thing, fixing the style to what I do now, and reworking the ending. (I wasn't serious when I wrote it.)

    The second, Lightning Bugs is from a tale I wrote in 2001. I liked the shell of the thing and the concept, but I had to gut the middle. They want 1,500 words or less, and it was 3,400 in the original.

    Maybe I'll start a revolution.

  • And I'm now listening to the blues on WPSU. It's Penn State's station.


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