• This was actually published last Friday, but it just now caught my attention, and I've seen no one else mention it yet. Larry Diedrich, the Republican House candidate who lost in the general election to Representative Stephanie Herseth in South Dakota, tells the Sioux Falls Argus Leader that he is in conversations with a White House official "very close to the President" about a position in the Ag. Department. Could he be talking to Karl Rove about Ann Veneman's old post? That would blow my hopes that the President would move to abolish the Department of Agriculture, but… a stubborn wish, but a dream nonetheless.

    Diedrich is a former president of the National Soybean Association. Fun guy.

  • My personal pick to head the Democratic National Committee is Donna Brazile, Al's gal. She'd lead the party further into a confused, retrograde condundrum. And my guess is that she'd be a lousy fundraiser to boot.

  • I'm listening to an Oboe Quintet Arthur Bliss, one of QE2's favorites prior to his death in 1975. He did a lot a good work scoring films. He was also QE2's Master of the Queen's Musick, which sounds like it goes back to Purcell.


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