AFTER-WORD – Sunday, November 7, 2004

  • I didn't mention that Friday was La Shawn Barber's Blogiversary. It's been a year for one of my favorites, and I had always assumed that she had been doing this for longer than I have. It must be a poise, polish, and certainty. (This blog is three months older than hers, believe it or not.)

    Happy belated Blogiversary, La Shawn!

  • The Times of India reports that a young man recently blew his brains out at Ground Zero because President Bush was reelected. (I used their report because I dug the headline: Bush win drives Americans crazy. It's as if the entire nation feels down in the dumps because the President won last Tuesday.)

    They also report that more Democrats are going to see their therapists because of depression over the President's victory.
    Psychologists and anger specialists are treating what they call "political rage" problems.
    I don't have a therapist. Most Americans don't have therapists and wouldn't have thought to have gone to see one no matter who won that election.

    This says something.

  • I am listening to some Mozart. He's what I play when penning the Rightsided Newsletter, which was part of what I did this morning and early afternoon. I hadn't put away the CDs

    It stimulates the brain, though mine has felt as if it were encased in cement since last Thursday. And my wife drew her initials before it dried.


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