AFTER-WORD – Sunday, November 21, 2004

  • The Washington Post tells us that Democrats plant to use Colorado 2004 as the roadmap to total victory. The picked up a House and a Senate seat, and they took both houses of the State legislature. President Bush won the State, of course, but we know that this is because JF Kerry was an exceptionally awful candidate.

    Maybe that's the lesson: select a decent nominee and win more States.
    Democrats here also made a tactical decision to distance themselves from John F. Kerry. Ken Salazar, the moderate Democrat who won the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by a Republican, said during the campaign that "my schedule has just been too busy" to allow him to appear with Kerry during the presidential candidate's many visits to the state.
    Of course, Salazar defeated Pete Coors, a candidate who was rather wacky for a Republican.

  • Aunt Najma (A Star from Mosul) posts both sides of a flier she received in her city, The first side depicts the side of a building and reads, in Arabic: "They didn't think that we saw them, but those who work with al-Zarkawi are being watched" The other side depicts a building burning, with the Arabic words: "If you helped al-Zarkawi or his people, your house will be like this one"

    Terror tactics against the terrorists.

    Iraq's funny in that way, and we can blame Saddam.

  • In Santiago, the Chileans had planned a State Dinner for President Bush, but it was canelled when the U.S. Secret Service stipulated that all guests would have to pass through a metal detector. Chile's President Ricardo Lagos cpimtered that this would be humilating for guests.

    Listen, Lagos, Mr. President, it's not just you. They screen enthusaistic Republicans attending campaign rallies. They are just very nervous that someone might take it upon themselves to take a shot at our President. It's happened to Presidents in the past, and there are some misguided folks who are terrorists or Michael Moore groupies.

  • I'm listening to a Cello Concerto by 20th century Soviet composer Dmitry Kabalevsky. He was unrepentant, but his compositions are beautifully orchestarted, with excellent use of tones. He's my least favorite Soviet composer, with Shostakovich my current favorite, which is potentially meaningless to anyone but to me.


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