• A sign of the times? This from Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit):

    I'M BLOGGING FROM BORDERS at the moment, and I couldn't help but notice all the Michael Moore films in the discount bin.

    Yeah, I know. Probably this has absolutely nothing to do with the election, but . . .

    And note all the Jerry Lewis films behind them. Well, they're both big in France!

    He posts a jpeg: The Nutty Professor and Bowling for Columbine, both only $9.99.

  • I was feeling nostalgic, so I bought a Live from the Palestine Hotel: Baghdad Bob DVD for the same price at a Suncoast this afternoon. (My wife was there to buy Shrek2. And, you know, that big, green Shrek character's bulb has a few more watts coursing through the filament than that of Mr. Moore.)

  • Here is the opening paragraph from an AP story:
    WASHINGTON -- President Bush is holding fast to his rejection of mandatory curbs on greenhouse gases that are blamed for global warming, despite a fresh report from 300 scientists in the United States and seven other nations that shows Arctic temperatures are rising.
    The President has rejected the Kyoto Protocol, not some separate mandatory curb on gases. If the arctic temperatures are rising, scientists do not know what is causing it.

    That statement was a puerile example of non-sequitur, and methinks someone should turn in his pencil, sit in the corner, and not write for a week.

  • I'm listening to a set of Haydn's middle symphonies. There are 106 of them surviving the centuries – including Symphony A and Symphony B -- and they're not symphonies in the sense of Beethoven's Nine. They use the entire orchestra, though, so that says something.

    Tomorrow morning, the Sunday shows. This should be interesting, and perhaps we'll see some gloating. Karl Rove is guest around on Meet the Press and FOX News Sunday, but I'd sooner hear Ken Mehlman, although Rove sets off the wounded opposition in amusing ways.


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