AFTER-WORD – Monday, November 8, 2004

  • This is the opening of a piece by Alicia Colon in the New York Sun:
    On Tuesday night my son and his friend were walking toward the polling place at New Brighton on Staten Island when two young men in hiphop gear wearing do-rags on their heads approached them. “Yo, vote for Bush,” they said in unison.

    My son thought they were kidding, but as they passed by, one of the youth said in a defiant tone, “We got to finish the job. Make sure we win the war.”

    That evening, my son ran into three other minority-group youths voicing similar sentiments. The liberal elite of New York might find that attitude difficult to understand, because it is completely and totally disconnected from the “heart and soul” of America.
    Kewl. HT to a MAKPA visitor who asked to be called "Pietro."

    Why not?

  • As expected, corrupt New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey turned his farewell address into an act. He played the proud gay man victimized by a backwards society and forced by a cruel world to leave a position at which he had been an immeasurable success. The press is eating it up.
    "I look with increasing horror, along with growing numbers of other Americans, at the great and bitter division that's taking place in our politics and the cynicism that is the result of power for power's sake," he told about 400 listeners at a state museum in the capital, Trenton.
    He promoted his alleged homosexual lover, who denies it, to critical and well-payed State position, dragged the State government through the mud, and resigned because he feared he would be sued.

    He gives homosexuals a bad name, in that no one group is comprised of corrupt married men who break their vows with the hetereosexual wives and the people they were elected to govern. His sexuality is coincidental to his lack of morality.

  • The question has been posed, on what domestic policy issue should President Bush first concentrate his focus. The answer is simple. The President should work first on abolishing the Department of Education. It's the single greatest domestic gift he could give to this nation's future, and would fit nicely with the spread of freedom and the war against terror in the international realm.

    (A friend tells me that this idea is outmoded, and I am gently reminded that President Reagan is dead.)

  • I am listening to Georg Muffat again. I'm still thinking about Fallujah; they're fighting house-to-house, while I sit here listening to the pre-Back baroque. It reminds me of a bit of lyric Paul Weller once wrote: "But I’m too old to go, so they're sending you."

    Keep them in your prayers.


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